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Disturbed and Disappointed by My Fellow Zionists

January 21, 2009

For months now, I have been receiving emails from a woman named Chana who represented the Web site I always assumed they were filled with nice messages about the Land of Israel, and I simply never clicked on any of the articles because I didn’t have the time.

Today I saw a video link in the email titled “Tuesday Night Live in Jerusalem #25: Peace Now VS. Hebron.” Now I was intrigued for a minute because Peace Now is an organization I have been thinking of getting involved with for a while. I believe very strongly that Israel needs to evacuate Jews from the West Bank, and move towards an immediate two-state solution.

I watched the video, and was horrified by what I saw. Two men were standing on a stage speaking in English to a crowd of people. They tried to play it off like a weird mix between SNL and the Late Night Show. In truth they came across like televangelists of the worst kind. They had a room full of sheep that were baying at their every word.

They explained that they believe the Hebron was, and always should be, an important place for Jews to live. After the applause from the audience, they took a man-on-the-street approach, and went to visit both a Peace Now rally, and the settler neighborhood in Hebron.

I was so disturbed by the slanted position they took to this video. The blatant editing tactics designed to change the meaning of someones words were nauseating. The biased questions and unfair approach to the attendees of the Peace Now rally was stupefying. The positive slant to present the settlers as peaceful and the activists as violent was shockingly upside-down.

But I guess I don’t know what else I can expect. When people take their religious beliefs and insert them into the political arena, dangerous things can happen. The extremist settlers living in the West Bank need to leave. They need to recognize the humanity of the Palestinian people, and their right to self-determination. They need to give up their dreams of a Biblical Israel, and settle (no pun intended) for something within the 1949 borders.

Enough is enough. President Obama will hopefully put pressure on the Israeli government to force out the settlers, and that will hopefully put an end to this whole thing. Until then, I will be avoiding like the plague.


Take a Break from Israel

January 15, 2009

I have been writing a lot about Israel, and I think I need to take a break for my sake, and for yours. The last thing I’m going to mention about Israel for now is a link to the IDF YouTube Channel which has some very interesting videos about what is going on right now in Gaza.

But it’s time to write about something else already!

This Monday marks the Obama Inauguration. Many of us have worked very hard over the last year to make this a possibility, and it is finally happening!

Barack Obama has a lot of work ahead of him. I have supported him for a long time, but that does not mean I will give him a free ride. I have a high expectations for the man, and he’s going to have to put in a lot of hours and make some tough decisions if he wants to keep my respect.

I can’t imagine a scenario where I would regret voting for Barack Obama (see Sarah Palin), but I want to continue to be proud of my choice. I want to keep my Obama pin on my bag, and my calendar on the wall. (for the record, the calendar was a gift – and sorry, there are no swimsuit shots!)

So that’s what I have to look forward to: Goodbye George Bush, stay away Sarah Palin, and a new amazing President.

Cheapskate Liberals

January 12, 2009

Recent attention has been given to a 2006 book which claims that liberals give less to charity than do their conservative counterparts. I’ll admit that I have not reviewed the research to see if the claims are true, but I will assume that the author knew what he was doing.We will also ignore the question of whether he was comparing actual dollars donated, or the percentage of income donated (Conservatives tend to be wealthier – or is it that the wealthy tend to be conservative?). Let’s take this claim at face value.

Why are we cheapskates?

I was trying to figure out an explanation or justification for why this could be? Maybe years of advocating for higher taxes and government support for the needy has made liberals feel justified in keeping whatever of their income is left. After all, if you are arguing for more welfare, more foreign aid, more unemployment benefits and universal healthcare – who are you going to give your money to?

But that can’t be the answer. There are too many people suffering out there in the world to make that argument fly.

What if it was because liberals are so dedicated to helping others, and being politically active, that they can’t get good-paying jobs. Teachers, service-industry workers, and non-CEO techies don’t have that much disposable income. Maybe they feel better about themselves when they roll up their sleeves than they do typing in their cc#.

Maybe – but I’m still not convinced.

Maybe there is no excuse. Maybe there is no explanation. Maybe years of giving a damn have cause us to forgot to give. It’s a hard time for everyone, but we have taken a major step in the right direction with the election of Barack Obama as our 44th President. It’s time to take a break from the yelling, and the screaming and the advocating, and take a second to start with the donating.

Give some money to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and protect the most vulnerable. A few dollars can go a long way.

Read this very inspiring story of holiday-time giving, and think about what small act you can do to change another person’s life.