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Twitter is for Losers Like Me

January 21, 2009

I love telling people that they can follow me on twitter – on twitter I’m known as apt1d.

I love checking every couple of minutes to see if anyone new is following. I’m desperate for replies or direct messages. I seek the approval of hundreds of strangers who are no more talented than I am . I have no financial reward in store for the recognition I crave. I have nothing to gain by having 10,000 followers, but I am obsessed with chasing that goal.

I write blog posts about things I find interesting, but I allow the quality of my content to be determined by the amount of hits it gets. I try to adapt my posts to solicit comments. I am in need of web 2.0 attention.

It’s all a load of bupkiss isn’t it? What’s the point of all this connecting and linking? How much can I learn from 140 characters? Is anyone showing who they really are, or is everyone simply a facade?

I’ll continue on Twitter as I always have, but I don’t know why. I’ll continue posting to my blog, but only because I like writing. I hope I can get over this addiction; I hope we all do.


Props to PeTA

January 20, 2009

This is not something I will do often. As much of an advocate for animal rights as I may be, I disagree with a lot of the stances and tactics of the organization known as PeTA.

I was talking to a few friends over the weekend, and we concluded that PeTA would respond to the Miracle on the Hudson by claiming that modern air travel is cruel and insensitive to the needs of migratory birds.

We expected pictures of charred and bloodied goose remains to be plastered all over the Web site, and for Hero, Captain “Sully” Sullivan, to be lambasted as an animal killing monster.

Kudos to PeTA for recognizing the bigger picture here, and, so far, not putting anything like that up on your site.

What is the best secret on HULU?

January 17, 2009

I am obsessed with HULU. I have a moral problem with downloading shows from these bit-torrent sites, and I was so happy to find out that a legit legal site was out there for people like me who are obsessed with television.

My wife and I don’t have cable, so all we get are the basic network channels, TBS, and the Food Network. I need an outlet for more television. HULU has been my savior, and my love affair. It has been my partner during dish-washing, and my distraction when I should be doing work.

I have a feeling that there are a lot of shows out there on HULU that are amazing, but I haven’t found yet. Not even to mention all of the movies that are on there as well.

The obvious gems that I watch religiously on HULU are:

30 Rock

The Office

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

I have been watching Fringe this season, Prison Break, and even got hooked onto the first season of 24 (they only have the first five episodes!)

Just today my friends told me to check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I’m already loving it after two episodes.

So what are you watching on HULU? What have you found to be the best out there?

More Office, 30 Rock and now Amy Poehler!

January 15, 2009

I have to write something else aside from the Plane Crash.


The Office and 30 Rock are being renewed by NBC for another season.

Amy Poehler and the creators of The Office are coming out with a new Office-inspired documentary style comedy show that will take place in a setting of local government offices in Indiana.