What is the best secret on HULU?

I am obsessed with HULU. I have a moral problem with downloading shows from these bit-torrent sites, and I was so happy to find out that a legit legal site was out there for people like me who are obsessed with television.

My wife and I don’t have cable, so all we get are the basic network channels, TBS, and the Food Network. I need an outlet for more television. HULU has been my savior, and my love affair. It has been my partner during dish-washing, and my distraction when I should be doing work.

I have a feeling that there are a lot of shows out there on HULU that are amazing, but I haven’t found yet. Not even to mention all of the movies that are on there as well.

The obvious gems that I watch religiously on HULU are:

30 Rock

The Office

The Daily Show

The Colbert Report

I have been watching Fringe this season, Prison Break, and even got hooked onto the first season of 24 (they only have the first five episodes!)

Just today my friends told me to check out It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I’m already loving it after two episodes.

So what are you watching on HULU? What have you found to be the best out there?

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One Comment on “What is the best secret on HULU?”

  1. L.Vazquez Says:

    Wait until you get to the fourth season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The whole thing is genius.

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