Orthodox Community Must Disown Bernie Madoff

As an Orthodox Jew, all I have to say is that I’m embarrassed of Bernie Madoff, and hope that all of the non-Jews out there can realize that he is not representative of who we are. Orthodox Jews are not greedy bastards willing to sell-out their own friends in order to buy another house in Florida. He disgusts us.

Unfortunately, I have not heard enough criticism of Madoff from Orthodox leaders. Nobody has come out and said that he is no longer welcome in our community, and that people like him can get the hell out!

What disturbs me, however, is that the Orthodox community doesn’t have much of a problem speaking out against Gays and Lesbians who want to be a part of the community. People who have done nothing to hurt anyone else, and are simply living a lifestyle that is different from the mainstream Orthodox community. These innocent people are discriminated against in almost every corner of the Jewish community.

Attention Rabbis and Community Leaders: Leave these honest and respectable GLBT Jews alone, and work on kicking out those lying, cheating heterosexual old white stealing men!

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2 Comments on “Orthodox Community Must Disown Bernie Madoff”

  1. Kirk Says:

    I appreciate your concerns, but if you take a look at the scams that seem to make the news. There seems to be a higher than normal amount that are done by Jews. In the CNBC Madoff special they highlighted Madoff, two other Jews, and a Greek kid. Was the pilot that faked his death and just got caught Jewish? Not sure what to make of it all.

    I did see Madoff made large personal donations to Yeshiva U. tothe tune of 20 million or so. Do you think they should have any ethical obligation to return this money? I think it would be an interesting debate, should someone ever bring it up.

  2. apartment1d Says:

    You make some really good points, but I think it’s clear that not all Jews are crooks, and not all crooks are Jews.

    YU may have had an ethical obligation to return that money, but I’m not sure if they do now considering that he stole $14,000,000 and made them think they had $110 million. I think we can call it even at this point.

    Either way, I think the Jewish community DOES need to condemn these Jewish crooks, and not allow them to be accepted as normal members of the community. I’m not sure we need to excommunicate them, but something close to that would be great.

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