Israel Takes High Road in War with Hamas

I just returned from a 10-day trip to Israel. On days 3 of my trip, the current war between the State of Israel and the Hamas organization located in Gaza began.

It was definitely scary to be in Israel during a war (although it was not my first time), and I appreciated getting the inside perspective from my Israeli family members (one of whom is currently serving in the IDF in the West Bank).

I am an ardent supporter of the Israeli government, and I am also an ardent supporter of Human Rights for all people (all people). I do not see a conflict between these two beliefs. I mourn the innocent Palestinians who are killed, and I pray for the speedy recovery of those injured. Israel is involved in a defensive war designed to stop missiles from being shot from Gaza towards Israeli civilian targets.

I was reminded of Israel’s moral superiority when my uncle told me about the Israeli army’s approach to bombing buildings used to store weapons:

First, a series of calls and sms messages are sent from the IDF to civilians (and even terrorists!) warning them that the building they occupy is about the bombed. That they have these phone numbers is only less amazing than the fact that warning calls are being made.

In response to the calls, many of the occupants of the building will gather on the roof of the building to prevent the fighter jets from bombing the building.

Anticipating this next step, the Israeli fighter jets are equipped with a special mini-explosion missile. This missile is shot at the corner of the building that is least occupied, and is used to scare the shit out of the people on the roof. Once they have fled the scene, the building is levelled. (Hundreds of lives have been saved with this tactic that the US Army would never have even considered during the current War in Iraq.)

In the highly publicized incident of a family of 16 being killed when their building was bombed, a call was made to those occupants as well. The Hamas leader whose home it was told his 4 wives and 10+ children to stay in the home with him, believing that the Israeli army would not attack the building if they were with him. Even though he was a target himself, the warning was issued because of his family’s presence. The missiles were fired, and the family was killed. He sacrificed his children to protect the weapons cache hidden in their home.

You tell me who’s moral.

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One Comment on “Israel Takes High Road in War with Hamas”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Thank you for saying this.

    I wish the world would hear but apparently, its easier to hate Israel.

    Its a shame.

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